Telescopic Flashlight Stun Gun Baton Product Review

The latest stun gun debuting on the market is the Telescopic Stun Baton (SM-FLEX). This cool looking item has multiple functions and several advantages over other Stun Master stun guns. For one, this item functions as a flashlight.

This is definitely a must have. No other stun gun baton we have in stock has a flashlight feature. Secondly, this item has a personal alarm. The personal alarm is perfect in an emergency situation to attract attention to yourself in case you are confronted by an attacker.

Thirdly, this item works as a regular baton. It measures 13" closed and 21.5" open. With the flick of the wrist, you have an instant 21.5" metal baton ready for some action. The full extension of the baton can have a psychological advantage over the perp who may think twice about choosing you to be his victim.

The fully extended baton is also great for maintaining your distance from your attacker unlike our handheld stun guns where you have to be in close quarters contact with him. Finally, the big daddy of them all is the stun feature. I like this feature. By making contact with the perpetrator, just hit the stun trigger, and he'll be screaming uncle while urinating in his pants. Do you jog? This telescopic, flashlight stun baton is great for the jogger who encounters dogs on his or her jogging route. This is a great animal control stun baton to keep your distance from vicious dogs.

Of all the self defense products I have come across, this tool is by far very innovative. The ability to conceal the item from view is an advantage over the traditional stun baton we have in stock. Not to mention it looks like a curling iron. How many batons on the market these days resemble a curling iron? The unit comes with an internal battery source and a battery charger.

So you never have to worry about running out of batteries. Just plug it in and charge it up. This stun baton kit also comes with a holster. This product is durable with multiple features and makes a great gift idea for the safety conscious person. This can be a great item for your college daughter to give her peace of mind.

Fabiola Castillo is a freelance article writer for the NinjaCOPS SuperStore. This virtual store specializes in crime prevention tools where you can buy stun guns for sale, metal detectors, nunchaku training videos, wireless nanny cameras, flashlight stun guns, expandable steel batons, and many other personal safety products.

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