Can Success And Happiness be Manifested

The pull of laziness and poverty should be resisted at all costs. It is a man or woman's core value to achieve all they are capable off. For lack of such determination not only cheats themselves out of a life well lived but also everyone they love. By insuring security through a life of abundance, a person can avoid the humility of asking friends and family for assistance in times of sickness and other emergencies. Creating a stable and growing self-worth is a noble quest. This foundation of security must be based in thoughts of prosperity and wealth.

Yet these thoughts will find no home if the mind is already overflowing with thoughts of poverty. With total will power one must erase these thoughts and fill the find full of prosperity and wealth thoughts. Every thing around us, from our friends and acquaintances to our home, wealth and circumstances all arise out of what our previous thought patterns have generated. Whether good or bad, we have attracted them to ourselves. The science of the mind is fascinating. If you think you can you will.

If you think you can't you are also right. So if you think of poverty and despair all day long, poverty and despair will follow you all day long. Think act, walk an talk prosperity all day and wealth will be yours.

To expect prosperity is to constantly and continuously be focused on achieving it. There is no room for looking back only forward. Focus on success, a life of abundance and money 24 hours a day. Eat and sleep success, picture it in everything you do.

Step one is to visualize what this new wealthy and abundant you will look and act like. Find photos in magazines that depict this new you and cut them out. How will you feel once your become this person. Live this feeling, build a new self-confidence around it. Start to act like this new you and you will become prosperous and wealthy. Plain and simple, the net result will completely depend on the amount of effort you are willing to put forth in the development of these new thoughts.

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