Couples That Play Together

If you were to name one thing in your romantic life that gives you a chance to reveal tender thoughts to your partner, hear how your sweetheart feels about you, all while setting the stage for some deep intimacy, what would it would be? When you are looking to spice up your "foreplay", consider romantic board games! These games are provocative and sensual, as foreplay is supposed to be, but also offer a lot more. Romance games lead you down a multi-lane path of discovery, communication, openness and yes, great sex with your spouse. We've found that they're an ingenious way to build your relationship, stimulate exchanges, frolic freely and explore sexual desires.

The intention is to create a safe, comfortable place where the two of you can explore areas not usually discussed. Several of these games have a question and answer format, as well as specific activities to do with or for your partner. The questions require that you give real thought to who you are and what you want in your relationship. You will most likely hear things that have not been voiced before. Play can be instructive and creative, like when we were kids, with no agenda, other than being together and having fun. You'll feel trust and intimacy growing as the game takes form and allows for a wonderful exchange.

You can have a delightful time with a variety of games, many innovatively designed to promote both physical as well as emotional intimacy. Many of the boards are constructed so that sections can be flipped, depending on your die throw, to pose a provocative question or suggest a loving, sensual action. Moving back and forth between these stimulating activities can give you several hours of luscious play and intimate conversation. Make sure that you have a nice block of uninterrupted time, so arrange for the kids to be at a play date or a sleep-over. It would be great to take one of these games with you on a quick weekend getaway or on your next vacation. Surprise your sweetheart with it when you get to your destination! Then, light some fragrant candles, spread some rose petals or a silk throw across the bed or on the floor, and perhaps pour a glass of wine for the two of you and then lay the game board with pieces out between you.

? Take your time. There are, of course, rules and guidelines. Don't be discouraged at the thought of getting bogged down by some kind of instruction manual. The guidelines are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. It would be easy to rush through and get to the hot end action, but you might miss out on some wonderful information about each other along the way.

? Be open and observant. Pay attention to what your partner is saying, how they are responding and what gets them really excited. ? Let go. No need for expectations or control.

Put your usual role(s) aside and trust that your love and willingness to embrace each other will lead to greater pleasures and deeper understandings. ? No Judgment. This is exploration at its best, a learning experience destined to increase rapport and bring you closer. ? Have enormous amounts of fun.

No explanation needed. Let the games begin!.

Bring play and passion into yur relationship. Be creative and adventurous as you romance your sweetheart. Check out these romantic games and how they can add some spice to your love life.

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