Sympatico™ High Speed

  • Consistently fast Internet connection that lets you to talk & surf at the same time.
  • Unlimited bandwidth - download all the photos & music you want.1
  • Home Networking: Every computer in the house can be online at the same time.
  • MSN tools like Encarta, Messenger and Calendar.
  • Security services, including Parental Controls, Email Antivirus, junk mail filter and Pop-up blocker.2
  • 24/7 technical support, plus enhanced online support.

Download speeds

Product Speed X times faster than Dial-up Web page
(80 KB)
(1 MB)
song(2 MB)
High Speed Ultra up to 5000 Kbps 70 0.1 seconds 2 seconds 4 seconds
High Speed 3000 Kbps 52 0.2 seconds 3 seconds 5 seconds
Basic 256 Kbps 5 3 seconds 30 seconds 1 minute
Basic Lite 128 Kbps 2 5 seconds 1 minute 2 minutes
Dial-up 56 Kbps N/A 11 seconds 2 minutes 5 minutes
Unlimited bandwidth usage
Free 5 MB personal Webspace
Talk and surf at the same time
Free technical support 24/7
Wireless Home Networking compatible
10 hours/month of dial-up usage
Number of accounts/usernames available
E-mail storage
Maximum single message size (main e-mail account)
Free Web Access to Sympatico Mail
Free MSN Junk E-Mail Guard
Free Pop-Up Guard
Free E-Mail Anti-Virus
Free Parental Controls
Free Anti-spam e-mail filter
Free Form Filler