Awareness Silicone Bracelets

Silicone bracelets or wristbands are inexpensive accessories which are colorful, durable and comfortable to wear. Silicone wristbands are a very cost effective way for people to show their support for things they believe in. Such bracelets aimed for creating awareness among the public for specific issues are known as "Awareness Bracelets" Increased Awareness: Silicone colored wristbands represents a particular disease or societal concern. The aim is that people should be reminded of those issues when they see the coloured bracelets worn. Due to the raised awareness of such issues increased research for the diseases and better funding of programs is bound to come up. Profitability: Charitable causes organized by churches or other non profit groups can benefit directly from the sales of such awareness bracelets.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of certain bracelets goes for the support of the charitable organizations. The silicone bracelets have become the most-preferred and the most inexpensive way to show support for a cause, or to raise awareness about an issue. Many charities and churches order in bulk such silicone bracelets at a very low budget from the innumerable silicone bracelet manufacturers and sell them for a cause. The money aggregated from this is used towards the cause.

Innovative Uses: The silicone bracelet is a very useful and inexpensive tool for crowd control: It can be used as an identifying device in events for a large gathering, such as music concerts. Also can be issued by hospitals to their patients as identifying devices with some basic medical information stamped on them. Colours: Colors used in the silicone bracelets are recognized as being associated with particular issues can help raise public awareness of those issues, which can lead to increased funding of related research and charitable organizations. The most famous of the rubber band bracelets is the yellow 'Livestrong' wristband worn by cycling star Lance Armstrong. The pink ones are worn to show support to breast cancer patients. The AIDS foundation have benefited from the sales generated by the silicone bracelets.

Red wristbands were sold after the tsunami to raise money for the Red Cross. And green or camouflage wristbands show support for the armed forces. Though the yellow "Livestrong" bracelets and the pink cancer bracelets are the most popular, silicone cancer bracelets in different colors supporting different causes are also available. However, it is very difficult at this stage to color code these awareness bracelets as various charitable foundations promote different colors for the same cause.

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