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How to Choose ISP

Well, the Internet access industry is starting to shake its way out. The much-anticipated consolidation of access providers is nearing its end. In broadband , this means that most users have little or no choice of providers. Though many of the changes have been hard on user choice, this is not necessarily a bad thing. In some cases, it's better to have one stable and pricey provider than 100 unstable, cheap providers. The shakeout was painful for scores of users who often were left with no connection when they needed it most. And some providers left standing don't exactly have good track records, either....

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What is digital television (DTV)? The analog picture viewers currently receive is based on an analog transmission system (NTSC) which is more than 50 years old, and relies on a system of varying voltages to transmit a television picture. In December 1996 the Federal Communications Commission approved the US standard for a new era of television - "digital television (DTV)," a general term covering any kind of digital broadcasting....

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